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catching you up

So it’s been an interesting week this week. Monday held a big luncheon where I had lunch with the Presidents Executive Committee, which consisted of Elder Russell M Nelson and Elder M Russell Ballard, as well as Elder Cecil Samuelson and Kim Clark, Elder’s Tingey and Kerr, President Julie Beck, and on the list goes. It was great to interact with these people on a normal level and hear them having real conversations because normally as we hear them they come across in a larger than life way, so it was a real treat. I was there with 5 other students on a panel to answer questions they might have about students of this University, and I was recommended by my professors and other faculty as one who was capable of speaking his mind, or so they reported, so I was ready for some knock down drag out questions, but it turned into slow pitch softball. That’s okay though, it was pleasant all around, here’s a write up of it and I’m on the right in the last pic there.

Other big news, I was in a play, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I’ve been practicing for 5 weeks, and we had our performances this last week. I was a smaller role, but we had such a blast doing it. I got to put on a bunch of makeup and dance around and sing.
It was interesting though because it was a whole group of people I’ve never seen before. I’ve been here for 3 years, and there is a whole thespian underground I had no idea existed. It was a blast though, and refreshing to have something out of the ordinary to worry about. :) Here’s an advert for it and just know, my Missouri accent came through thick, and I loved it. :)
Also, I went skydiving for the first time ever. Leaping on leap day (Feb 29) It was pretty intense. I had always wanted to do it, mainly cause mom had always wanted to but never could, so I was sitting in class and a girl next to me leans over and says “Hey, you wanna go skydiving?” as if to throw it in my face, I lean back and mumble “when?” and she says “25 minutes” I say “yup.” and she says “….” and off we go.
So we cruised, it took forever, but we finally made it up with 4 of us in the plane, plus one 15 year old just jumping by himself. We get up over the ocean where we see whales spouting and the shore a ways off, and they push up this door, and the kid jumps right out, my stomach rises a bit, then the guys I was with go, two of them, one right out, the next guy’s tandem buddy had it out for him so he took him out backwards and punished him for making him work late, :) I watch them both go and think “holy schneikies, what am I doing!” then the final before more was a girl who started having second thoughts as her tandem guy shoved her out of the plane I hear her plea to reconsider then esuing scream all the way out the plane. I’m the only one left, so I get up to the door, and the guy who is on my back, the tandem instructor guy, leans into my ear and says “stay low out of this door, or you might kill me” and the thought of my instructor dead with me trying to fly us down goes through my head and I pale a bit as I sidle up to the door, I look out, then slowly look out and down and the finality of it hits me. My guy pushes from behind and off we go, 14,000 feet to cover. We free fall for what feels like 10 seconds but is actually 45 and go through some clouds, and I’m just glancing around trying to take it all in while not losing my camera. We pull the schute and it opens all the way and I figure out I will live through this, then I just enjoy the next few minutes of amazing views and ill fitting harnesses. It was a great experience.

I also did a hike called “Crouching Lion” which rivaled those same views, all this has photos in the photo section, so go check it, I’ll answer questions in the comments. :)


Much aloha all.

PS this isn’t recent but the article is, this was a big deal we worked our tails off to do back in January, go SIFE eh’! - linky –

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  • Sarah Galbraith

    dang, al! you are one adventurous boy!! I am so proud and excited for you that you get to have all this fun! we all live vicariously through you, and love to hear the stories!! you look so…normal as a hill-billy, on stage. it must be in your blood!! :) can’t wait to see all your pics. love you, man!

  • Misty Doan

    Did you get to dance in the barn-raising scene?! If so, I’m TOTALLY jealous we couldn’t see it. Skydiving on Leap Day was definitely appropriate, sounds like a blast!

  • jenny Doan

    You are amazing! I can’t believe everything you do! And how fun…seven brides is such a fabulous show! I am also so jealous of the sky dive. I am probably too old to say this but…”You Rock” Love, Momma